Acousticical Test Report Available

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Global Architectural Systems' acoustical structual glass wall syste, has a 67% Sound Transmission Class and 57% Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class rating. The product can used on the interior ans exterior of buildings in lieu of solid wall to create an open view with acoustical properties

Options include an internal shade system, tinted glass and low-E glass. Ideal applications include educational facilities, hotels, transportation, medical centers and more

We at Global are proud to announce the world's first acoustical glass wall system with 67% STC & 57% OITC rating! Virtually sound proof.
Acousticical Test Report Available

Global Architectural Systems, Inc. is proud to announce our new “GL-CW” Window System. This sytem was performance tested at Smith Emery Laboratories.

Global Architectural Systems has revamped our website to better serve our customers, architects and owners. We have included an array of new project photos and videos to provide a visual guide to Global’s vast variety of custom and standard glass projects.

Global Architectural Systems is working with the architect to design and develop an interior/exterior custom and unique canopy structure to bring it from concept to fruition.

Global Architectural Systems working with a very high end client to create their vision of an all glass floating staircase to be the center piece jewel of their residence. The stair case design is an innovative highly engineered floating glass semi-circle staircase where we have used a self-developed lamination technique. This self-supporting staircase with curved structural glass railing, glass treads and landing consisting of several single glass panels laminated together. From concept to design to construction to the owners dream come true.

Fabriq Life in a Picasso is the vision of its owner Bill Wesnousky. Global partnered with Bill to help bring this Temple Fantastic to life. Please visit Fabriq direct web site which is

Global Architectural Systems has partnered with several overseas architects, contractors and building owners to help design and provide engineered system for their projects. Below are a few of our upcoming project.